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Jakob Schmidlechner, manager of Salzburg’s first dedicated roadbike and triathlon hotel

What is the inspiration behind transforming a traditional hotel in the Salzkammergut region into a dedicated roadbike and triathlon hotel? Quite simply a burning passion for these sports. Several years ago, Jakob Schmidlechner fell in love with road cycling and triathlon, and since then he has combined his hobby with his job. Indeed, he doesn’t look like a typical Austrian hotel manager: he is tall, athletic and full of energy – yet, at the same time, the perfect host.

Roadbike and triathlon hotel near Salzburg – how it all began

Instead of showing guests around his hotel, Jakob Schmidlechner prefers showing his guests around his region. As an amateur athlete with a passion for road cycling and triathlon, he knows what cyclists and triathletes want from their holiday. So, how did it all begin? With the simple words: “Let’s give it a try.” Jakob Schmidlechner had already run a few marathons and loved exploring the region on his road bike, so living in a place full of mountains, running trails and crystal-clear lakes it was only a question of time before he combined these two passions with the third triathlon element, swimming.

“I started my swimming training in the Fuschlseebad swimming centre in April 2010 and swam across the whole lake (4.2km) in August as part of the Fuschlsee Crossing event.”

Since then he has gone on to complete several Olympic-distance and middle-distance triathlons, with the highlight coming at the Ironman Austria in Klagenfurt in 2011. However, for Schmidlechner triathlon is first and foremost about having fun – after all, that is how it all started.

Special service in the first dedicated roadbike and triathlon hotel near Salzburg

This key element of having fun and enjoying sport is something he is keen to share with his guests. That is why the Hotel Mohrenwirt offers a wide range of services designed to cater for the needs of road cycling and triathlon enthusiasts – services that you won’t find in any other hotel. These include a sports bar, guided tours of the region led by the manager himself, GPS devices with the best local routes, and a lockable bicycle room with CCTV, a small spare-parts stockroom and a service area. The hotel’s own restaurant also serves an ideal range of dishes catering for the needs of road cyclists and triathletes.



And what is Jakob Schmidlechner’s favourite part of running the hotel?

“When our guests come back from their bike tours with the same enthusiasm and broad smile as I do.”