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Triathlon Trainingslager

On the lookout for the right location for a triathlon training camp with friends or fellow club members? Then look no further! From mid-April we are ready for the triathlon season and have everything you need for a successful training camp.

Triathlon training camps in Fuschl – tried and tested by pros and amateurs alike

Olympiasiegerin Nicola SpirigKate Allen, Nicola Spirig, Markus Fachbach, Franz Höfer, Camilla Pedersen and many more professional triathletes have come to Fuschl am See to train and been hugely impressed with the facilities on offer. Other regular visitors include the Skinfit Racing Team and the Austrian Youth Triathlon Team. For clubs and groups of up to 40 persons, the Hotel Mohrenwirt offers a relaxed atmosphere and comprehensive service.

Why is the Hotel Mohrenwirt such a good location for training camps?

Airstreeem Testcenter MohrenwirtThe advantages offered by the Hotel Mohrenwirt begin before you even arrive. Guests coming from the surrounding German-speaking countries can travel to the hotel easily and quickly by car or in the club minibus. That means no dragging around heavy luggage, no checking in and no extra fees for excess baggage. Simply pull up in front of the hotel and we will be pleased to help you unload. You are welcome to bring your bike with you or leave it at home – our Airstreeem Test Centre offers guests everything from beginners’ bikes to high-end models to hire.
Hotel manager Jakob Schmidlechner and the hotel’s guide and mechanic Emanuel are passionate triathletes and know both the sport and the local region inside out. They will be pleased to give you tips and information throughout your stay.

As well as a fully equipped service zone, our hotel also has a lockable bike room with CCTV to make sure your equipment is safe at all times. Just a few minutes down the road is the local sports shop, which stocks a large variety of spare parts and top-of-the-range equipment. Small items such as gels, swimming goggles, cycling glasses and water bottles can be purchased directly from reception.
And then, of course, there is our all-round package.

All-round package during your triathlon training camp

Airstreem Testcenter im MohrenwirtEEveryone staying at the Hotel Mohrenwirt receives our all-round package, no matter whether you come on your own, as a couple or as part of a group. This comprehensive deal includes top food, top equipment and top service.

1) Top food
Our all-inclusive offer means that you can re-fuel wherever you are – all you need to do is decide when you need an energy boost!

2) Top equipment and information
You also won’t be short of information about the training possibilities in the surrounding region. Save time planning and preparing your rides and, instead, leave it to us! We will be happy to give you tips and provide you with maps, GPS devices or your very own guide.

Fuschlseebad Triathlon TrainingThe lockable bike room with CCTV means that your equipment will be safe at all times. Guests are also welcome to hire and test bikes in our Airstreeem Test Centre. Swim training is possible in the picturesque Lake Fuschl or the heated sports pool at the Fuschlseebad, which our guests can use at no extra cost. Our free laundry service makes it easy for guests to wash dirty bike or running gear.

3) Top relaxation
And, last but not least, the Hotel Mohrenwirt offers plenty of ways to relax, from the Mohren Spa to our very own private beach on the shores of Lake Fuschl.

Have we managed to convince you that the Hotel Mohrenwirt is the perfect location for your triathlon training camp?
If so then we look forward to receiving your enquiry. Simply send an e-mail to


Author: Jakob Schmidlechner

Jakob Schmidlechner is the manager and owner of the Roadbike and Triathlon Hotel Mohrenwirt in Fuschl am See. The passionate amateur athlete and Ironman finisher provides road cyclists and triathletes with ideal training conditions in the unique region around Lake Fuschl.

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