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Swimming event at lake Fuschlsee

  • full distance or half distance
  • event of the Austrian Open Water Cup
  • transport of clothes (start to finish)
  • award ceremony on Saturday evening

Athletes from near and far travel to Fuschl am See every year to take on the unique challenge of crossing Lake Fuschlsee armed with nothing more than a wetsuit.

This event was created in 2013 by the 4**** Roadbike- and Triathlonhotel Mohrenwirt in memory of our friend Peter who tragically died in an accident.

Working in close cooperation with the organisers of the regular Fuschlseelauf running event, we were able to come up with a combined competition comprising swimming and running, with the winners being crowned Fuschlsee Man and Fuschlsee Woman.

The Fuschlseecrossing will be the last but one event of the Alpen Open Water Cup (AOWC) series.

Fuschlseecrossing 2017

One competition, two courses

Choose between full distance and half-distance

Competitors can select either the full distance 4,2 km (crossing of Lake Fuschlsee) or the shorter half-distance option 2,1 km, which sees swimmers take to the water in the middle of the lake and swim to the finish.

Participants are limited to 260 - register early to save your starting position! 

  • Distance 4,2 km
  • Start: Strandbad Hof
  • Finish: Fuschlseebad
  • Starting time: 2 p.m.
  • Distance 2,1 km 
  • Start: Strandbad Stöllinger
  • Finish: Fuschlseebad
  • Starting time: 1 p.m.

There are for both distances for men and women two agegroups: W40, W40+, M40, M40+

Information for competitors


  • Attention! We released the conditions for participation: For safety reasons all swimmers must now wear wetsuits only covering their legs (short arms are allowed).
  • Swim aids such as flippers are not permitted
  • Participants take part in the event at their own risk
  • All participants are responsible for ensuring that they have the necessary physical fitness to take part; if asked participants must provide a doctor's certificate confirming that they are fit to take part
  • The event organisers emphasise that this is an open-water event taking place in Lake Fuschlsee; participants must be aware of the water temperature in the lake
  • No liability is assumed for theft or incidents such as accidents, illnesses or deaths
  • For competitors born between 2000 and 2004, the signature of a parent or guardian must be provided on the registration form
  • In the case of poor weather conditions (storms, thunder and lightning) the organising committee reserves the right to change the start time or course, or to cancel the event at short notice
  • No refund will be provided on participation fees

Combination: Fuschlseecrossing and Fuschlseelauf

Who will be the next "Fuschlsee Man" or Fuschlsee Woman"?

You can combine the Fuschlseecrossing (swim) on 26.08. and the Fuschlseelauf (run) on 27.08.2017 to become the "Fuschlsee Man" or "Fuschlsee Woman".

Fuschlsee Man/Woman
  • Fuschlseecrossing: 4,2km
  • Fuschlseelauf: 12km
Fuschlsee Man/Woman "light"
  • Fuschlseecrossing: 2,1km
  • Fuschlseelauf: 12km


Age classes:
For the age classes m/w 1(age group 1978 - 2001 = up to 40 yrs old) and m/w 2 (age group 1977 and below) = 40 yrs and older) there will be separated rankings and trophies in the following competitions: 

  • Fuschlseecrossing 4,2 km,
  • Fuschlseecrossing light 2,1 km,
  • Fuschlsee Man/ Woman and
  • Fuschlsee Man/ Woman light
fuschlseecrossing start lido fuschl


Saturday, 27.08.2016

Subject to modifications.

  • 9 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. registration (also for combination Fuschlseecrossing / Fuschlseelauf)
  • 9:00 - 12:00 p.m. information about both competitions
  • 12:00 p.m. sailfish wetsuits rental (only restricted number of wetsuits)
  • 12:00 p.m. race briefing (attendance required!)
  • 12:20 p.m. bus transfer to the start of the short distance 2,1 km
  • 12.45 p.m. bus transfer to the start of the long distance 4,2 km
  • 01.00 p.m. start of the short distance - beach Stöllinger
  • 01.30 p.m. arrival of the first swimmers of short distance
  • 02.00 p.m. start of the long distance - Hofer Naturbadestrand
  • 04.30 p.m. Award ceremony
  • afterwards big finisher buffet
Arrival & parking

Parking spaces are available in the car park located opposite the  Fuschlseebad leisure centre (parking fees apply). There is a free shuttle bus running from the finish area back to the start area.

Please note that any accompanying persons will be charged the entrance fee to the Fuschlseebad and cannot join the shuttle bus to the swim-start. 

Registration & details

Sign up, get your start number and hit the water

Starting fee:

Fuschlseecrossing EUR 48,00

Fuschlsee Man/Woman EUR 73,00

(combined offer) 


The starting fee get's higher by EUR 10,00 per day starting on 01.08.2017.

By registering, participants agree to the conditions set out in the indemnity agreement (PDF).

Organizing team & contact details

Hotel Mohrenwirt
Jakob Schmidlechner
Dorfplatz 3
A-5330 Fuschl am See
Tel.:  +43 6226 8228-100