restaurant dining hall hotel mohrenwirt

Events & celebrations

at the 4**** Hotel Mohrenwirt

  • Company events, family celebrations & more
  • Full service in the garden area
  • Tip: Mohren-BBQ in the BBQ hut

The Mohrenwirt is an institution in the village of Fuschl am See and therefore a popular location for events such as wedding receptions and christenings.

Our spacious rooms can accommodate large groups, while during the summer months our garden hosts many parties and events. The garden is also the ideal location for a BBQ, with the nearby "Mohren-Stadl" serving as a covered dining area.

Tip: The "Mohren-Stadl" is also equipped with a big screen and a projector for broadcasting sporting events to large audiences.

Garden area & BBQ hut

Perfect location for company events & family celebrations

The scenic and spacious hotel-garden "Bauerngarten" provides the perfect location for summer events or celebrations in an exclusive environment.

In the garden area we are able to host various type of events: 

  • company events
  • birthday celebrations
  • family celebrations
  • group events
  • BBQ evenings

Enjoy delicious food and drinks and celebrate your event together with us to make it an unforgettable moment directly at the lake Fuschlsee.

Mohren-BBQ & special events

Special offerings for outstanding event experiences 

For whatever event you are planning, the Mohren-BBQ-hut awaits you with a unique BBQ - dinner to make your evening a memorable experience. The Mohren-BBQ costs E 25,- per person and includes the following: 

  • beef steak
  • turkey breast
  • fried sausages
  • grilled vegetables
  • 3 types of salad
  • baked potatoes with BBQ sauce
  • white bread

Drinks are billed according to consumption. The minimum group size for rent: 4 persons. 2 screens will make sure you will not miss any important sport-event TV-broadcast during your BBQ-evening.